A role-playing thread classified as a Brickerton thread, is one that is a part of the "Brickerverse". There are quite a few, four main threads and several 'spin-offs'

Main ThreadsEdit


"Think of it as the 1800's, only accelerated and without all of the downsides. Modern technology with a twist! Like Abraham Lincoln with a machine gun (yes, somebody actually photoshopped that). And, of course, let's not forget the airship pirates." -MLP


"It's life. You can be anybody, anything...your characters needn't be extraordinary, it is simply life." -MLP


"It's 2608, there is a spaceship floating around out there, all nonchalant. It's not famous or anything yet, just a little pirate ship named The Starjumper. Space pirates are cool!" -MLP


"Well it's the end of the universe and all the stars have flickered out. But humanity lives on, there's a spaceship floating around out there in that big dark void with 4,000 people on it." -MLP


Rosalind's OrphanariumEdit

"Welcome to Brickerton! This thread is set 11 years before the events of Steampunk, in a small orphanage called Rosalind's Orphanarium. Rosalind runs her orphanage with an iron fist, so if you're going to break the rules, be sneaky about it." -Cosmaline

Adopted by StardomEdit

"Alright here's the deal, you're an orphan and one day the owner of the orphanage you live at gets a call that changes your life. A celebrity couple, Damien and Eliza Valentino, are adopting a ridiculous amount of children to improve their image. You pack your things, the papers are signed, and you're dropped off at the Valentino estate. Your new life as a celebrity child" -Cosmaline

Carbon CopyEdit

"Major Science is a well-known science facility, mostly because the constant explosions can be seen from all over town. But Major Science Inc. has finally had a success: the world's first cloned human being." -Cosmaline

The Great Brickerton WarEdit

"It's the year 2597. You are a citizen of Brickerton, and WW13 is occuring. The largest city in the world with fifty-million people, is the target of... everybody else. It's a pretty normal era for Brickerton." -MLP


"Too bad. You're trapped in a doomed town with dying people. You're screwed, mate." -MLP