The husband of Cecelia Cresswell, son of Sybilla and John Cresswell, and father of Alice and Roland. He's a rather infamous Brickerton airship pirate, and has a death warrant on his head. He is wanted for the following charges (but that's not a complete list, by all means)
  • Fifteen counts of murder
  • Thirty counts of assault
  • Eighteen counts of petty theft
  • Twenty-two counts of grand theft
  • Tax evasion


His childhood was miserable, as his family was constantly on the run from Edward Derwent. His mother and father, Sybilla and John, died in a fire started by Derwent when Thomas was only fourteen. Rose Marcher herself kidnapped Lilac Cresswell, aged seven, from the fire. He ran off to become a criminal and airship captain two weeks later, leaving his closest friend Cecelia (then Cecelia Rochester) behind. He was protective of his sister Lily, and her "death" was perhaps the one that hit him the hardest.

Cecelia ran off with him and joined his crew on her fifteenth birthday. They married when Thomas was sixteen.

Early CareerEdit

Not much has been detailed of his early life with Cecelia, just that they travelled the world and came into a fortune somehow, all the while hunting Derwent.


When Cecelia was nineteen, she revealed her pregnancy to Thomas. They happily anticipated their new baby, until Cecelia reached around six months. Thomas somehow managed to lose the large amount of money they had accumulated by getting in a bad air battle in China. When Cecelia finally gave birth, they made a decision o give their new daughter Alice to an orphanage. Cecelia... retrieved... Alice when she was six.