Takes place in Asterburg, not Brickerton, but is obviously still a Brickerton thread. Set in 2018, and based on one of the time-travelling adventures in Darkness.

A disease is spreading through Asterburg, a small city that had, prior to the events of the thread, only 10,000 people. Said city is now closed off to the world, with its inhabitants doomed to die of either disease or starvation.

Their only hope? A hospital patient who got extraordinarily lucky. Flora Capella.


Name: Jazmyn Skye
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Relatives: one little sister, Izabel.
Bio: Her parents died of the disease. Well, they're about to.
Appearance: Neon orange hair in a pixie cut, blue eyes. Average height, slender.

Name: Izabel Skye
Age: 7
Gender: Female
Relatives: one older sister, Jazmyn.
Bio: same as Jazmyn.
Appearance: Blond hair pulled into pigtails, icy blue eyes. Short and skinny.

Name: Ashlee Ellesmere
Age: 23
Gender: You need to ask?
Relatives: Geoffrey Ellesmere {brother}
Bio: When I think of one.
Appearance: Sandy brown hair, green eyes, pale skin.

Name: Flora Capella
Age: 27
Gender: ... FEMALE
Relatives: Who knows?
Bio: ...
Appearance: Very attractive, by some standards. Her face is severely elegant. She's pale, and very thin. Her hair is black, and she has brown eyes.

Name: T. M. Rain
Age: Looks 20. Totally not.
Gender: Female
Relatives: All dead.
Bio: Really long. Sigh. Just trust me. She's an immortal girl whose mother died before she was born, and her only friend is a USB.
Appearance: Dusty red har in a braid, pale skin, blue eyes... her eyes look miserable.