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Concept art for Octavia, don't know why it's so dark. Wish this wasn't done at 2 A.M.

"I'm just a fucking pirate. That's all I'll ever be. I can't be anything better...Emotionally crippled...Stupid... Worthless..." -Octavia, while contemplating jumping

Octavia Myrtle Couldridge is a character in Steampunk. Her brother is Erwin and is the creator of Jazz. She is a pirate though she wants to be a scientist, she was discouraged from this path by Erwin and her parents though they had agreed to help her shortly before their death. They died when she was 11. In between their death and Steampunk, Erwin was controlling and over bearing.

When Iris died, Octavia felt compelled to save her and created a mechanical heart to give to her. This inspired Renee to attempt to gut herself and the combination of those two plus her hatred of being a pirate and Erwin gave Octavia the urge to jump. So she did.

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But she didn't die. Using her invention she named Alpha-Alpha, a glider like device, she flew to a town a short distance away from Brickerton. Once in town she realized she hadn't thought her plan through, she had very little money. She used what she had in her pocket to buy supplies for her inventing. After struggling to stay afloat as a law abiding citizen she eventually fell back into her old ways. She used her robots to build her a home and steal what she needed. Eventually she invented Hijinx (Jinx), a robot that served as her personal assistants. As time went on she became more and more obsessed with her experiments and strayed out of her realm of robotics into experimenting on human corpses and eventually, humans. In the begginning she was trying to create better cybernetics, it ended with her trying to recreate Derwent's experiments on cyborgs and her realizing what she had become. Plunged into a deep depression and state of self loathing, not only for realizing what she had done in regards to experiments but also for faking her suicide, Octavia vowed to find some way to make up for what she had done. Feeling incredibly guilty, she also feels she can never, ever see the crew of the Starflyer[or Starjumper, whatever the name of the ship is] or Erwin again.