IMG 9515

Concept art for Jazz once she gets her face.

Jazz, or Octavia's Robot or Beta Alpha or Robot, was created by Octavia before she went splat and was incomplete at the time of her death. Alice activated Jazz after finding her in Octaiva's room. In the beginning she only repeated what others did and combined those to make new, equally mindless, statements and actions. Once she finally learned how to express that she didn't know what something meant, asking "what is..." then rambling a list of words, she reached maximum annoying-ness that continued until Jasper sat down and explained a plethora of words to her, giving her a basic vocabulary. This is also when Jasper coined her name.

When bombarbed with too much information she doesn't understand she whirs and if it goes on for too long a message from Octavia will play warning whoever is overloading her to stop immediately. She currently has no cover but there are some on Octavia's desk.