Jasper Frost is a character in the 'Brickerverse' that participates in most Brickerton threads. He first appeared in Life and has made an appearance in all main threads and most 'spin-offs'.


Before SteampunkEdit

Before the events of Steampunk, Jasper was a simple young man who worked in an airship repairs workshop. He lived with a newly married couple and the girl of his dreams .


Jasper was attacked one night by a mysterious man who he managed to kill, but after the incident he fell ill and blacked out for several days. Upon awakening he attacked and killed Amelia and drained her brother, Emmet and his fiancee, Emily . Not being able to deal with what he had done, Jasper tried to kill himself. But nothing seemed to work, luckily he found the airship and became a part of their crew.

Later encounters with Gemma and the mysterious Esmeralda Fortune caused Jasper to turn into a horrible beast and he only returned normal when he became human again and the evil inside him escaped in spirit form. Now human once more, he received massive head trauma and lost his memory

Between Steampunk and LifeEdit


Between Life and SpaceEdit


Between Space and DarknessEdit