In the summer of 2012, the Sims 3 Forums underwent a massive effort by the mods to lock any and all RPs that were not directly affected by or related to the Sims 3 itself. Any active thread on the front page was locked immediately, effectively dooming it to slide to the back of the archives for all eternity.

Effects on Brickerton RPsEdit

The Brickerton threads had been inactive to an extent in the weeks prior to the lockdown, mostly due to relocation efforts (a happy coincidence on our part). Due to their dormant state, it is currently theorized that no Brickerton threads were detected and locked by mods. This may be investigated at a later point in time.

Long-term DrawbacksEdit

Due to the apparently permanent lockdown, there is a minimal chance of the Brickerton threads being revived on the TS3 forums and, due to the private nature of their new location, little chance of any readers being able to view them.