"CAAAAAAAKE ISSSS GOOOOD." -SCaDOS after transferring herself to Carnelian's body.

It is the year 0000. The last star in the universe has burned out. The very last remnants of humanity are circling a scorched Earth in the hopes of colonizing it. The only thing that kept the Earth from burning up when our sun gave out was Alice Cresswell's protection shield. When Renee and Jasper went back in time to the Titanic using SCaDOS' time travel technology, they recieved Alice's plans for an arificial sun. Said artificial sun will be the thing that allows humans to colonize the entire Earth, instead of just a domed area.

In the meantime, time travel is being used at SCaDOS' direction to save people from history's greatest disasters. These people are assumed to be vital in the awaiting fate.