Characters are the most important componet of any RP, but especially in the 'Brickerverse'! Listed below you will find every character featured in Brickerton threads listed alphabetically.

A NamesEdit

Alice Cresswell

Arthur Croaker

B NamesEdit

Bunny Augustine

Blythe Augustine

C NamesEdit

Cecelia Cresswell

Claire (Darkness) - (needs a page)

D NamesEdit

E NamesEdit

Emily Whitewater

Emily Whitewater (Steampunk)

Emmett Endicott (Steampunk)

Edward Derwent

Erwin Couldridge

Ealil Olo Vyri Iapao

F NamesEdit

G NamesEdit

Gem - (needs a page)

Gemma Schneider - (needs a page)

Geoffrey Ellesmere

H NamesEdit

I NamesEdit

J NamesEdit

Jasper Frost


K NamesEdit

L NamesEdit

Lily Cresswell

M NamesEdit

Mia Ridgewell

Myrtle Couldridge

N NamesEdit

O NamesEdit

Octavia Myrtle Couldridge

P NamesEdit

Q NamesEdit

R NamesEdit

Renee Schneider - (needs a page)

Rose Marcher

S NamesEdit


Sybilla Cresswell

T NamesEdit

Thomas Cresswell

Trisa Reyne

U NamesEdit

V NamesEdit

W NamesEdit

X NamesEdit

Y NamesEdit

Z NamesEdit