"Two halves make a whole, it makes sense." - Bunny and Blythe

Bunny (Bernice) and Blythe Augustine look exactly the same and generally dress the exact same way. Despite their similarities in apperance they are complete opposites in many ways, especially when they are younger. They appear in Steampunk and Rosalind's Orphanarium.

In Rosalind's OrphanariumEdit

Bunny and Blythe are just orphans with a passion for fighting and though they are abnormally skilled for thier age they repeatedly get owned.

In SteampunkEdit

Since Rosalind's Orphanarium Bunny and Blythe have become less polarized, though still very oposites. They have also learned about their past and how to manipulate each other. Their first appearance is when they murder Arthur Croaker and have fun painting with his blood and hiding his body parts.