A Timeline documenting every 'Brickerverse' event EVER! Now bear with us as we churn through several lifetimes of disastrous chaos!


  • Jasper William Frost is born.


  • Thomas and Cecelia (then Rochester) meet and become fast friends.


  • Sybilla and John Cresswell are burned alive in their own home, while Lilac is kidnapped by Rose Marcher.
  • Thomas Cresswell becomes a pirate, leaving Cecelia behind.


  • Cecelia runs away on her fifteenth birthday to join Thomas' crew.


  • Cecelia and Thomas get married, at the ages of fifteen and sixteen respectively.


  • Cecelia reveals her pregnancy to Thomas.
  • Thomas successfully fails at life, spending a fortune on ship repairs.
  • Cecelia and Thomas give Alice to an orphanage.


  • Jasper Frost and Renee Schneider meet.
  • Cecelia gives birth to Roland.
  • Alice loses a finger because she threw a bear at the wall.
  • The year Steampunk starts in.
  • Arthur Croaker is murdered.


  • The Titanic's Maiden Voyage.
  • Alice Cresswell boards the Titanic.
  • A future Jasper Frost and Renee Schneider from The Darkness arrive on the Titanic.
  • A future Jasper Frost and Renee Schneider from The Darkness kiss and get back together as the ship sinks.


  • Jasper Frost refurbishes the store, opens it to the public and moves upstairs.
  • Carol Harris is employed at the store where she meets and dates Jasper Frost.


  • Jasper Frost is introduced to his girlfriend's best friend, Violet Jones.


  • Jasper Frost is introduced to his girlfriend's brother, Leonardo Harris.


  • Emily and Emmett move into the Whitewater-Endicott house.


  • Jasper was recruited into the Secret Operations.


  • Damien and Eliza Valentino adopt 22 children to improve their image.
  • Adopted by Stardom starts here.


  • Jasper hands over the store ownership to Leonardo Harris.


  • Geoffrey Ellesmere gets shot thirteen times blockading a door during a hostage situation, and his corpse was never found.


  • Humans create an effecient way to space travel.


  • Death and invasion are daily fears.
  • Brickerton is under heavy defense and Alice Creswell's Copperbots roam the city.
  • SCaDOS is on Earth


  • The Starjumper begins it's voyage as a pirate ship.
  • Space begins here.


  • Jasper Frost and Renee Schneider are reunited.
  • SCaDOS discovers time-travel
  • Jasper Frost and Renee Schneider travel back to the Titanic to watch Alice die. They wind
  • Mysterious aliens attack the remains of humanity, damaging SCaDOS' personality functions. The invasion force is stopped by Geoffrey Ellesmere.

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