Brickerton is a massive city, and possibly the world's biggest cesspool. It was founded in 1649, which is a date that will stay unless MLP changes it. It has a massive forest to the west, and access to the ocean.

Known PlacesEdit

The harbor: Where Renee tried to drown herself

The Great Fire: A great fire started by Renee that survived past the end of the universe.

The Glass Tower: A clock tower with a face of glass that exposes the clockwork inside. Suspiciously absent from threads after Steampunk.

Uptown Brickerton: Where the rich people live.

Downtown Brickerton: Where the poor people live.

Rockweaver Station: Train station in Uptown Brickerton. Thousands of people come through here every day.

The Statue of AKG: You know exactly what it is. The most awesome statue ever made.